RINA Marine Design 2015

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RINA - Marine Design 2015

The RINA conference - Marine Design 2015 - will be held at Coventry University, UK from 2nd to 3rd September 2015 .

Building on the success of two previous international conferences, RINA Marine Design 2015 will provide a forum for reporting and discussing the design practice and technical issues associated with aesthetic design. 

RINA Marine Design 2015 will examine the full spectrum of marine design from small craft to super yachts, including commercial and specialist vessels.

The conference will present technical papers on a number of aspects of aesthetic marine design, including:

  • Design Visualisation (including design methodologies, design practice, innovative concepts, design analysis tools, Computer Aided Design, TOI (Transfer of Innovation) from other industry sectors).

  • Human System Integration (including HFE (Human Factors Engineering), Maritime Security, UCD (User Centred Design) methodologies, Emotional Design methodologies, Empathic Design methodologies, 'Aging in Place', TOI from other industry sectors).

  • Sustainability in construction (including one-off construction and series production issues, facility design, materials, joining technologies, reconstructions and rebuilds of historic craft, results of simulation).

  • Sustainability in operation (including, equipment, results of sea trials, results of instrumentation, results of simulation, TOI from other industry sectors).Marine Design 2014

  • Implementation of regulations in the design process (including international, national, and regional regulatory frameworks, classification, codes of practice, rating rules).

  • Virtual work/learning environments (including, CPD for marine designers, networking  opportunities for innovation and exchange, virtual work environments to facilitate multi-disciplinary, multinational teams).

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    An exhibition will include a virtual 3D exhibition of Coventry University student design work to show the breadth of capability within the department including...



Design Visualisation:

  • Transfer of Innovation (TOI) from other industry sectors

  • Design methodologies

  • Design practice

  • Innovative concepts

  • Design analysis tools

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Human System Integration:

  • Human Factors Engineering (HFE)

  • Maritime Security (Mar Sec)

  • User Centred Design (UCD)


  • Emotional Design Methodologies

  • Empathic Design methodologies

  • Aging in Place

Sustainability in Construction:

  • One-off construction

  • Series production issues

  • Facility design

  • Materials

  • Joining technologies

  • Reconstructions

  • Rebuilds of historic craft

  • Results of simulation

Sustainability in Operation:

  • Equipment

  • Results of sea trials

  • Results of instrumentation

  • Results of simulation

Implementation of Regulations in the Design Process:

  • International, national, and regional regulatory frameworks

  • Classification, codes of practice, rating rules

Virtual Work & Learning Environments:

  • CPD for marine designers

  • Networking

  • Opportunities for innovation and exchange

  • Virtual work environments to facilitate multi-disciplinary, multinational teams


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