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Conference & Workshop Programme includes 3 Keynotes and 20 Presentations

The Dynamic Programme includes 20 Expert Speakers covering 3 Phases:

Here & Now Technology – how industry is evolving today’s technology

Next Generation Systems – within a few years of commercial release

Innovation and Future Possibilities – pushing the boundaries forward



KEYNOTE: 'Global Marine Technology Trends - 2030 and beyond'
Professor R Ajit Shenoi – Director, Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute

KEYNOTE: 'Powering the Modern Port - ships, tugs and the hidden fleet of support vessels'
Captain Don Cockrill – Secretary General, UK Maritime Pilots Association

KEYNOTE: 'How emerging technology can create problems at sea as well as providing solutions'
Captain Andrew Moll – Deputy Chief Inspector, Marine Accident Investigation Branch

'Shape-changing pulsed jet-thrusters for a new generation of AUVs'
Francesco Giorgio-Serchi & Gabriel Weymouth – Fluid Structure Interactions Group,
Southampton University

"They said it could never be done"
'The scientific and engineering approach to the manufacture and use of Emulsified Fuels'

Alan Priddy – Offshore Expeditions, Global Powerboat Circumnavigation Record Team

'Integrating Vessel Management Systems Using the NMEA 2000 Protocol'
Johnny Lindstrom – Chairman, National Marine Electronics Association

'Performance and Safety Aspects of Maritime Battery Systems”
Ben Gully –- Engineer, DNV Research & Innovation

'The footprint, weight and cost benefits of marine Lithium-ion battery systems'
Robert Young – Marine Technical Lead, XALT Energy

'Hybrid Electric Vessel Propulsion with Integrated Motor Assist'
Mehdi Hendijanizadeh,  Suleiman Sharkh – Southampton University / Dennis Doerffel – REAP Systems

'Windship sail power could revolutionise the way vessels carry goods across oceans'
David Barrow & Simon Rogers – Directors, Windship Technology

'Emissions control & Alternative fuels for propulsion'
Captain Muhammad Shafique – Senior Lecturer, Petrochem - Warsash Maritime Academy

‘Risks associated with maritime battery installations and their mitigation’
Bernard Twomey & Tania Berry – Lloyd’s Register

‘Hybrid Fuel Cell Electric Propulsion for marine transport applications:
Case study of a domestic ferry’

Ameen Bassam – Fluid Structure Interactions Group, Southampton University

‘Developing a hybrid powered RIB for patrol and work boat applications’
Graeme Hawksley – Managing Director, Hybrid Marine Ltd

Hybrid Battery Electric Propulsion Systems - Challenges in System Integration
Dr Dennis Doerffel - Founder & Chief Technology Officer, REAP Systems

‘Viable solutions for reducing weight and improving fuel efficiency of vessels’
Julian Morgan – Managing Director, KPM Marine

'Modelling hybrid power & propulsion systems focussed on duty cycles & commercial benefits'
Ken Wittamore – Managing Director, Triskel Marine

'Optimising energy sources to fit the vessel, duty cycle and the environment'
David Adamiak – Senior Manager Business Development, BAE Systems HybriDrive

'The Potential for Hybrid and Low Emission Solutions in Offshore Wind'
Dan Kyle Spearman - Naval Architect, The Carbon Trust

'New power and propulsion systems need new skills training for engineers and integrators’
Tony Birr – Director, Century Maritime

‘Balancing hull speed and stored energy to create The Hour Of Power’
John Haynes – Managing Director, Shock Mitigation