Offshore Marine Energy

The UK is the world leader in offshore wind, with as much capacity already installed as the rest of the world combined. A series of licensing ‘Rounds’ have been released as the sector has developed. Round 3 is the biggest so far and features one of the largest energy projects in the world 200km offshore in the North Sea on Dogger Bank.

Offshore Wind Farm Support Vessels

The vessels required to support offshore wind farms developments in hostile environments are becoming more diverse and are staying on station for longer periods, often far from shore. Safety issues include the transfer of crew and technicians between shore and turbine, and vessel and turbine in waves up to 3 metre (10 feet).

Wave & Tidal Energy

Marine energy devices harness the kinetic energy of the oceans, converting the movement of wave and tidal flows into electricity. Tidal stream energy is predictable and consistent, wave power is more predictable than wind power. Specialist vessels are being developed to support the installation and ongoing maintenance.

Expertise in Marine Energy

The UK is currently the global leader in marine energy, with more wave and tidal stream devices installed than the rest of the world combined. Because it has an abundance of marine energy resource, and expertise in oil and gas exploration, the UK is in a unique position to develop expertise in this type of renewable energy.

Human Factors & Shock Mitigation

Professional maritime organisations are now aware that operational expectations may exceed human limitations. High levels of fitness and stamina are simply not enough. Realistic risk assessments plus an effective shock mitigation strategy result in improved safety for individuals and add to the overall efficiency of an organisation.

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