MAS & Unmanned Craft

The use of Maritime Autonomous Systems (MAS) in the maritime domain is already seeing a significant increase. The unmanned small craft sector will grow rapidly following similar exploitation of unmanned air vehicles, marine science and transport. Autonomy is one of the ‘8 Great Technologies’ identified by the UK Government.

New Technologies - New Opportunities

As a result of the increased demand for commercial, government and military unmanned systems there are new opportunities for boat builders and equipment manufacturers. The autonomous maritime sector requires increasingly complex, secure information networks integrated with C4i systems onboard small craft. 

Taking Personnel Out Of Harms Way

Navies want to put fewer personnel in harms way and the ultimate form of shock mitigation is ‘take the man off the boat’. Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAV) offer the potential to transform the way that many activities are conducted at sea, ranging from continuous surveillance of large areas of water to the clearance of sea mines.

Changing Maritime Legislation

We are interested in the future implications of coastal and offshore autonomy and its impact on current maritime legislation. The challenge is drawing together the key elements in the exploitation of autonomy with a forum for creating a common view on the technical and operational challenges for stakeholders.

Innovative Power & Propulsion

As concepts and operations are defined we are engaging with key stakeholders to develop hybrid power systems that integrate ICE with innovative energy sources including battery and hydrogen technology. Next generation maritime has the opportunity to utilise proven technologies from the unmanned air and land sectors.

Further Information via Consultation Video Call

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