COTS Procurement

Military and government agencies around the world are currently making financial, environmental and operational decisions to use fewer ships and more boats in the sub IMO sector (under 24 metre / 80 feet) to secure their coastlines and waterways. Specific requirements and capabilities have led to innovative fast craft designs.

Changing Requirements

However the process of one-off craft design and bespoke equipment can lead to costly mistakes in the period from concept stage, through down select, then tender process, to high profile launch. Typically the requirement has changed, technology is outdated or the craft has simply become too complex for its original length over all (LOA).

COTS - Commercial Off The Shelf

Timelines and budget constraints are increasingly driving procurement decisions. Various COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) hull, engineering and technology solutions are increasingly viable. The objective is to identify craft, components, equipment and support activities that are already proven and fit for purpose.

Next Generation Vessels

Next generation, multi-role craft can incorporate modular design features that allow them to vary their internal and deck layouts for different mission profiles or as their role changes over time. Fast craft can now utilise the same navigation, communication and information systems that are on a ship’s bridge.

COTS Systems - Smart & Cost Effective

In addition to providing clients with knowledge specific to individual projects we can offer an overview to ensure that outcomes are practical and cost effective for the end-user. Our experience enables us to draw on a wide range of specialist resources, plus an outside view is often useful to support significant decisions.

Further Information via Consultation Video Call

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