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Human Factors in Ship Design & Operation 2016

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Human Factors in Ship Design & Operation 2016

Human Factors in Ship Design & Operation conference is being held at the Royal Institution of Naval Architects headquarters in London on 28 & 29 September 2016.

The work of naval architects and marine engineers directly influence the operability and safety of the vessel and the seafarer. Decisions made at the design stage can influence human behaviour and health.

An improved understanding of ergonomics by engineers can ‘design out’ hazards and prevent incidents, both to the individual and the vessel. With ever more complex systems and technology, greater improvements in safety can be achieved through a better understanding of human / system dynamics.

A greater awareness of the role played by management structures, culture, procedures and regulation in safe and effective operation is also important to the effective running of the vessel and wellbeing of the crew.

This conference aims to bring together international specialists and professionals including designers, ship operators, seafarers, equipment manufacturers and regulators to highlight how an improved understanding of human factors can reduce costs and improve safety.

RINA invites papers on all related topics including:

•    Design for occupational health and safety
•    Integration of human factors into the design process
•    Feedback from the users into the design loop
•    Examples of practical applications of human factors engineering
•    Design of navigation & control systems
•    Design for performance
•    Maritime operating organisations and teamwork
•    Safety, performance and management
•    Survivability, escape and evacuation systems

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