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KEYNOTE: Powering the Modern Port - Ships, Tugs and the Hidden Fleet of Support Vessels

We are all used to seeing containers being transported from A to B on our highways and in many cases on roads often unsuitable for such vehicles. Railways also carry a significant amount of these boxes whose contents are unknown to the observer. Images of large container ships, cruise liners, oil tankers and the multitude of other ships which carry 95% of the world’s trade are a familiar sight on our TV screens and from some beaches around our coasts or the decks of ferries whilst we travel to our holiday destinations.

However, within our ports, where these ships load and discharge their cargoes, there is an often little known or appreciated about the complex diversity of vessels which independently and together provide irreplaceable links in the transport logistics chain. These maritime work-horses make essential contributions to the safety and efficiency of port operations, be they large modern bespoke container ports or small coastal harbours.

This presentation will aim to reveal, what is to many, the unknown variety of these craft  which carry out their work 365 days of the year - day and night in all weathers. The variety of their diverse and often innovative propulsion designs, often not apparent above the water line, will be discussed.


Captain Don Cockrill - Secretary General, UK Maritime Pilots Association

Don’s seafaring adventures began in 1973 as a cadet with Canadian Pacific (CP Ships) from where having progressed to master specialising in petro-chemicals he spent a brief period with Stolt-Neilson before joining the Port of London Authority as a pilot in 1991 where he still works as one of the senior pilots.

Concurrently throughout almost all of that period he has been involved one way or another in the administration and work of the United Kingdom Maritime Pilots’ Association most recently as its chairman for 5 years until November 2015. He is now engaged by the UKMPA in the role of Secretary General.

He is passionate about the promotion of safety issues and the maintenance of the highest professional standards. His significant lifelong experience and associated expertise in maritime operations within the ports and shipping industries, is often sought after.