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Energy Efficient Ships 2015 - Europort

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Energy Efficient Ships 2015 Europort Rotterdam - NL

Energy Efficient Ships 2015 conference is being held at Europort Rotterdam in The Netherlands on 4th November 2015.

Shipping is one of the most efficient means of transportation for bulk commodities.

As part of a global effort to reduce greenhouse gases industry must operate and run lower emissions and higher energy efficient ships.

IMO introduced mandatory standards on the Energy Efficiency Design Index of new built vessels and further regulations are expected for ship types not already covered.

There is considerable potential for reducing emissions in the shipping sector. Various technologies are already available and some are relatively easy to implement. Efficiencies include slow streaming, improved voyage planning, trim optimisation, hull coating and propeller cleaning.

There are also a plethora of technologies available for retrofitting on existing vessels. Efficiencies include main engine tuning, propeller and rudder upgrades plus fin and duct energy saving devices.

Not all solutions can be applied to all types of ships, and individual saving measures cannot simply be added together.

Current uptake of many of these technologies is limited due to the cost of implementing them and a lack of knowledge regarding their effectiveness on specific ship types / sizes / routes.

The Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) and the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) have been adopted for existing ships in an attempt to monitor Energy Efficiency Operational Indicators (EEOI) and improve their efficiency.

In the longer-term, improvements in shipping efficiency will be achieved through the integration of innovative technologies on new vessels. Optimal performance needs to be considered across an operational profile, not just a single “design point”.

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The shipping industry may have to consider a more radical approach to reduce overall GHG emissions such as towing kites, wind engines, solar energy and nuclear power.

As a fairly conservative industry it will want to see full scale demonstrations of the potential of these technologies before adopting them.

Energy Efficient Ships 2015 papers are invited on all related topics including:

  • Operational strategies to improve ship efficiency
  • Retrofit technologies
  • Designing energy efficient ships
  • Performance verification, monitoring and management
  • Full scale measurements and demonstrations
  • Radical energy saving strategies and devices 
  • Enforcement

EEDI and the Reduction of CO2 Emissions

The reduction of CO2 emissions has been a key target in the Marine Industry since the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee published its findings in 2009. From which a number of measures resulting in technical and operational reductions were made mandatory in 2011. Foremost amongst these measures; nearly all new builds have to conform to the limits of the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI).

EEDI provides a method for establishing the minium efficency of new ships depending on the type of ship and size. It offers a fair basis for comparison and should stimulate the development of more efficient ship design. 

The EEDI will enter into force in a number of phases that increases the restriction on CO2 emissions. With  increasing global competition, the key to survival will be designing, building and operating ships efficiently within this environmental framework.

The current phase has led designers and operators to retrofit existing technologies and make operational changes that make slight gains in hull and engine efficiency. However as later phases introduce tougher restrictions, more fundamental changes in ships design will be needed in order for a vessel to comply. The EEDI will become an ever more important design parameter.


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