SEAPOWER - Small Craft, Big Missions

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RHIBs and tactical boats are entering service with navies, coast guards and law enforcement agencies in large numbers.

On the high seas, small boats are still used for traditional purposes of compliance inspections, search and rescue, boarding and recovery when launched from ships.

Their improved capabilities, however, are allowing them to extend their short range, arrive on scene quicker and keep up better with ‘go-fast’ boats or other potential threats.

Craft are being built for highly specialized and complex missions. High speeds require shock mitigation to protect crews. Many boats are deployed from larger platforms, like frigates or coast guard cutters, so boat handling is a challenge.

Specifications for naval, coast guard and maritime law enforcement rigid-hull inflatable boats (RHIBs) and small tactical boats call for better performance as well as improved safety to minimize crew fatigue and injuries.

While many boats today are general purpose, there are some unique, mission specific designs. Quite simply, small boats are becoming more complex, and taking on bigger missions.

Edward Lundquist explores the topic of ‘Small Craft, Big Missions’ with contributions from John Haynes of Shock Mitigation.

The article is reproduced from the September edition of SEAPOWER, the official publication of the Navy League of the United States, an independent, non-profit, civilian educational organization founded in 1902.

SEAPOWER coverage focuses on such areas as defense strategies, emerging technologies and ways to improve the operational concepts and managerial processes of the U.S. sea services.

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SEAPOWER - September 2014 Article: 'Small Craft, Big Missions'

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