Global Market Analysis

Hybrid Marine Power provides organisations with an independent overview of how the sub IMO / sub 24 metre maritime sector is changing rapidly worldwide. Our expertise and market analysis is relevant to government & professional organisations, boat builders, equipment manufacturers and service providers.

Shaped by Experience

Our knowledge is shaped by experience and we have a clear understanding of the factors that are driving the changes for end-user organisations worldwide. We provide genuine subject matter expertise plus specific sector overviews to ensure that any recommendations are relevant and viable.

Global Trends

Global politics are constantly shifting and this millennium has already seen many significant and unpredictable changes. The ongoing balance is between established nations, emerging nations and the risks from unexpected events. One constant is that 90% of world trade is transported by sea, then passes through ports and waterways.

Knowledge Sharing

Finding new ways to share knowledge and best practice has never been more important in the maritime world. Besides law enforcement, border protection, coast guard, military and security applications there are many ongoing initiatives around the world that require fast response craft to perform a multitude of critical tasks.

An External View

An external view is often useful to support internal or external decisions. We use our extensive experience to identify factors that may have been overlooked and to consider successful outcomes from other sectors. We are able to communicate clear and relevant information to all levels of professional bodies worldwide.

Further Information via Consultation Video Call

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