Product Development

Hybrid Marine Power offers a wide range of product development solutions for specialist boat builders and equipment manufacturers. We can assist new and experienced clients to improve existing craft, or develop new craft and equipment that are relevant to professional and commercial marine operations.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our subject matter expertise includes RIBs, high speed craft and special projects relevant to the sub 24 metre / sub IMO sector worldwide. In addition to providing clients with knowledge specific to individual projects, we can offer an overview to ensure that outcomes are practical for the end-user.

Simple Solutions

The fast boat sector is part of a complex maritime industry but we believe that simple solutions are still usually the best solutions, particularly at sea. The objective is to deliver clear and concise information that supports decision makers and if required can be communicated to all levels of an organisation.

Relevant & Viable

We consider the needs of every client individually to ensure that suggested actions are relevant and viable. We believe that the best results combine intelligent direction and skilful execution. Our experience enables us to draw on a wide range of resources, plus an outside view is often useful to support decisions.

Confidential & Flexible

We recognise that consultancy at senior management or director level requires discretion and we can enter into confidentiality agreements if required. We offer a flexible mix of services including on-site or off-site training, workshops and consultancy. Our proposals can be based on a daily or project rate.

Further Information via Consultation Video Call

To arrange a Consultation Video Call please email info@shockmitigation.com