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Fast Patrol & Interception 2014

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Fast Patrol & Interception 2014 - London UK

Fast Patrol & Interception 2014, 25th to 26th March, in London UK brings together military, coast guard and law enforcement agencies at one event.

With an arguably diminished threat from traditional blue water adversaries, brown water and littoral operations are a growing global concern. The requirement for vessels capable of high speed interdiction in dangerous waters has never been greater with the world’s eyes on piracy, smuggling, the rise of non-conventional combatants and the threat of swarm style attacks.

Fast Patrol & Interception 2014 will bring experts together to discuss the major concerns and share operational feedback. Operating independently or deployed from a mother ship, the fast patrol and interception craft needs to be able to chase down, engage or impede all manner of threat.

High speed operation presents its own concerns, with increased whole body vibration and tougher wave impacts contributing to crew fatigue and limiting their ability to perform tasks. Solutions exist however, as do new tactics and strategies that are revolutionising the littoral zone.

Key topics include:-

Multi purpose high speed craft. Can a vessel design be capable of performing multiple functions for different users, or does each platform have to be purpose built?

Operational case studies and active requirements. Military and blue light users share their experiences, their concerns and the solutions they require now.

Maximising crew endurance. Trade offs between crew comfort and weight of vessel. Examples of successful whole body vibration (WBV) mitigation and new technology.

For further information:-

Fast Patrol & Interception 2014 - Home Page

Fast Patrol & Interception 2014 - Agenda

Fast Patrol & Interception 2014 - Registration

Fast Patrol & Interception 2014 - Resource Centre

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