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Design and Operation of Offshore Wind Farm Support Vessels

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Design & Operation of Offshore Wind Farm Support Vessels

RINA is presenting Design & Operation of Offshore Wind Farm Support Vessels. The conference on 29th and 30th January will be held at the Royal Institution of Naval Architects headquarters, London UK.

Offshore wind turbines are becoming an important resource of renewable energy. Large scale investment is creating extensive wind farms off the coast of many coastal European countries. This has led to the need for specialised vessels to both install and service the turbines.

In order to help reduce maintenance cost the operators need to develop technologies that allow access and repairs to the wind turbines in worse weather conditions than currently possible, significantly reduce travel times, reduce downtime and thus costs. The importance of transferring equipment and manpower to the wind farms safely and efficiently has led to a number of advancements in the sector. In particular, higher operating speeds have come to be the norm.

However, this specialisation has led to the debate on the application of existing IMO instruments on their operation, and whether more specific regulation may be necessary. This is extremely important when applied to establishing maximum operational environment of both the crew and offshore wind farm maintenance personnel. Conference content includes:-

All aspects of design - hull, general arrangement, interior, inc innovative features
Navigation, communication & controls - safety, efficiency, reliability
Classification & statutory requirements - impact of new rules & regulations
Sea keeping & manoeuvring - thrusters, dynamic positioning, trials, evaluation
Crew safety & comfort - fatigue, health & safety, environment, operation
Powering & propulsion - all-electric / hybrid-electric propulsion, systems, fuel saving
Construction, machinery & equipment - materials, techniques, power plant

Further event details and registration information at Offshore Wind Farm Support

The RIB & HSC Directory is pleased to be a media partner and supporter of RINA Design & Operation of Offshore Wind Farm Support Vessels conference.



Papers being presented at the conference include:-

•    Development of Rules for Classification of Windfarm Service Craft, Mårten Schei-Nilsson, DNV Oslo, NORWAY, Thomas Grafton, DNV Pusan, KOREA

•    Human Systems Integration Requirements for Wind Farm Support Vessel Design and Operation, Dr Trevor Dobbins, STResearch & FRC International, UK, Jon Hill, Trident Marine & FRC International, UK, Tyler Brand, StrongWake, CANADA

•    Performance Evaluation Of Service Vessels And Access Systems For Offshore Wind, Breanne Gellatly, Carbon Trust, UK, Simon Mockler, DNV-Kema, NORWAY

•    Design-Driven Innovation: Mothership Concepts For Accessing The Far Shore Wind Farms, S McCartan and  B Verheijden, EBDIG-IRC, Coventry University, UK

•    Modelling Of Support Systems For Offshore Wind Farms, Ema Muc-Pavic , Anne Salha, Rachel Pawling, UCL, UK

•    Performance Evaluation Of Wind Farm Support Vessels, S.Phillips, IB.Shin, C.Armstrong and D.Kyle-Spearman, Seaspeed Marine Consulting Ltd, UK

•    Physical And Numerical Analysis Of A Concept Offshore Wind Farm Service Vessel Hull Design, Matthew Shanley, University College Cork, IRELAND

•    XSS - A Next Generation Windfarm Support Vessel, R. Sime & E. Dudson, BMT Nigel Gee, UK

•    On the Functional Design of an Offshore Wind Maintenance Support Vessel, Jorinus Kalis, Deniz de Koningh, Marc de Roo, Damen Shipyards Gorinchem, NETHERLANDS


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