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Back-To-Back WBV Courses Launched In Canada

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FRC Launch Back-To-Back WBV Courses In Canada

FRC International is running the first programme of ‘Back To Back’ Whole Body Vibration (WBV) courses in Canada this April.

The lead for these courses are the Canadian Coast Guard and Canadian Navy. Other organisations and industry are invited to attend.

The first two days of ‘Back To Back’ courses are in Ottawa at the Convention Centre. The WBV MANAGER course on Monday 8 April is followed by WBV Motion Analysis course on Tuesday 9 April.

The second two days of ‘Back To Back’ courses are in Victoria BC at the Canadian Forces Fleet School Esquimalt (CFFSE). The WBV MANAGER course on Thursday 11 April is followed by WBV Motion Analysis course on Friday 12 April.

These courses are part of improving seafarer safety and are open to all interested parties. The objective is to include all organisations operating RHIBs & planing craft. Both venues enable boat builders, equipment manufacturers and industry to attend. Courses run from 0900 to 1600. The course fee per person is US$500 to attend 1 day or US$900 to attend 2 days.

The one day WBV MANAGER course includes The Nautical Institute certificate. Launched in January 2012 this course brings together international best practice and industry standards. Over 400 personnel from 60 organisations have already attended. WBV MANAGER has been developed for decision makers, officers, senior coxswain, operations, training, health & safety, occupational health professionals, boat builders, equipment manufacturers and all managers involved with RHIBs & high speed craft (HSC).

The one day Motion Analysis course includes The Nautical Institute certificate. Launched December 2012 this course has been developed from end-user and industry demands for concise, accurate RS & WBV information regarding planing craft. The course focuses firstly on what is relevant data, secondly how to gather accurate data and finally analysis methods. WBV Motion Analysis has been developed for all decision makers, operations managers, health & safety, mechanical engineers, naval architects, designers, boat builders and equipment manufacturers.

Whole Boat Vibration on RHIBs and planing craft is a global problem that affects crews and passengers. The FRC WBV Awareness Courses are relevant to all sectors affected by this major health and safety issue. This includes military, search & rescue, government agencies, local authorities, police, wind farm, oil & gas, thrill rides, charter, powerboat schools and all organisations operating  planing craft under 80 feet (24 metre).



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