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Relevant Communication

Shock Mitigation brings together knowledge, information and digital resources that link government & professional organisations with OEM equipment manufacturers and service providers worldwide. Communication is a fundamental requirement for all decision makers and clear communication is essential for mariners.

Shaped by Experience

Our knowledge is shaped by experience. We have a clear understanding of the factors that are driving the changes for end-user organisations in the sub IMO / sub 24 metre sector worldwide. The objectives are shared whether the organisation operates in the military, government, search & rescue, security or commercial sector.

Knowledge Transfer

Our objective is to create connections that link end-user organisations with all OEM manufactures and service providers in the fast craft space. Competition helps to provide solutions that have global implications. In a changing world innovation and technology need to be developed then knowledge can be shared.

Face to Face Meetings

There is no substitute for face to face meetings. Military, government and commercial organisations need personnel to share experiences that inspire positive actions. We are pleased to support conferences and events around the world where decision makers discuss new ideas then form opinions that drive change and progress.

Digital Connections

We are experienced with all media including digital communications. Our unique expertise is focused on open access digital media with 'fast & simple' navigation linked to relevant online information. We clearly understand how offline & online 'usability' can improve all internal and external communications.

Further Information

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