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John Warner - NAATBatt
As always the networking is one of the most valuable parts of the event!

Peter Foot - Pallington Foot Ltd
The event provided a forum to share and discuss ideas. As well as meet contacts in both public and private sectors.

Mark Field - SC Group
This was my first visit, I learn more about topics outside my 'normal' areas than I was expecting.

Jonathan Ridley - Solent University
A really useful event to bring together a range of specialists in a constructive environment.

Spencer Johns - RNLI
An interesting and informative conference, I particularly enjoyed the SubSea Craft and REAP Presentations.

Russel Marmon - PWC
Extremley informative and interesting.

Hugh Cunningham - Energy Solutions
I enjoyed all the presentations. Good to see the different projects and approaches to hybrid.

Juli Hemming - Aradex AG
Good networking sessions. Interesting to see what is going on in the UK.

Eran Higson - RNLI
Learned what other areas are doing and how this technology is being implemented / used.

Ian Greening - DSTL
A good range of contributors and attendees. Excellent for industry gossip and situational awareness.

Dominic Valvova - Border Force
Panel discussions sessions extremley useful. An excellent networking opportunity