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Power & Prop - Feedback

Feedback from 'Next Generation Marine Power & Propulsion' - Conference & Workshop 2016

Professor R Ajit Shenoi Director, Southampton Marine & Maritime Institute SMMI
You and your team deserve our collective thanks for the very successful workshop and conference. I am grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to share our thoughts on GMTT 2030 with your conference delegates. It was encouraging to note from the presentations and talks at your event that industry is well on the way to delivering the 2030 vision, for propulsion at least, much before that date!

Captain Don Cockrill – Secretary General, UK Maritime Pilots Association
I attended initially knowing very little of marine hybrid systems other than recent developments in ship assist tugs. I now feel much better informed in numerous ways, not only about ‘hybrid’ but also about other alternative fuel systems. Of particular relevance to my profession / industry is the realisation of not only fuel savings but the significant savings to be made in capital maintenance and engine plant replacement cost over a vessels lifetime. Thank you again for a superb conference. I look forward to more in due course.

Adam Parnell – Harbour Master, Salcombe Harbour Authority
A very interesting, informative and at times entertaining conference. The subject matter was brilliantly presented – all relevant to our current industry wide challenges. I am very impressed at how the complex was made simple and understandable. Top marks.

Paul Dean Business Manager Marine, ZF Services
Very well organised and a great interactive event. I felt very comfortable and enjoyed the events relaxed atmosphere. Good structure to the agenda.

Gopi Chandroth – Inspector, Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB)
Usually I find conferences tedious and wonder why I am wasting my time there. Refreshingly this was different – 80 to 90% of the presentations were interesting relevant and informative.

Johnny Lindstrom – Chairman, National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA)
I wanted to thank you for the excellent Conference you put on last week in Southampton. I thoroughly enjoyed to breadth and depth of the content. Also, I appreciated that we mostly had people with ‘real world' experience presenting. The opportunity to attend is truly appreciated.

Tom Simpson – Consultant Engineer, BAE Systems Maritime
Good use of ‘workshop’ style bringing together subject matter experts from across industry.

Simon Vayro Technical Executive, British Marine
The Next Generation Marine Conference & Workshop was a great success, with informative and engaging speakers who delivered excellent content, often in a most entertaining manner. Hosted at a superb venue in the heart of a city with a rich heritage of marine innovation.

Peter Callaghan – Managing Director, Pallion Engineering
Contributions very informative and interesting. Thought provoking immediately and in the future.

Robert Young Marine Lead, XALT Energy
Simply the best maritime conference I have attended. Fantastic presentations and speakers in the room and all were willing to openly share a wealth of knowledge regarding their specific subject matter. This is the only conference I have attended that had actual knowledge transfer of propulsion technology, instead of commercial sales pitches which have become the norm. The audience was incredibly engaged and asked thought promoting questions during the discussion sessions. I was delighted to tour SMMI at the University of Southampton to discover, like a child on Christmas morning, the vast array of new, advanced and relevant marine related technologies that the group are working on.

Captain Muhammad Shafiqe Senior Lecturer Petrochem, Warsash Maritime Academy
Excellent knowledge sharing and building. Keep it up.

Alexander Andersson – Naval Architect, Navis (Iceland)
Interesting, particularly the variety of subjects, which shows that it is not just one solution, but the combination and integration.

Julian Morgan Managing Director, KPM Marine
The conference and the presentations were of a very high quality. As a product innovator I gained a great deal of information on the future state of the market and technical understanding in areas that I had no knowledge. These events are ideal for learning, networking and interchange of ideas, which is not often the case at other conferences. I put this down to the format and subject matter implemented by the Shock Mitigation team.

Alan Rose Naval Engineering Manager, Wartsila
The variation in presenters made the experience informative and interesting.

Jonathan Ridley Engineering Programme Group Leader, Southampton Solent University
It was a really productive event with an excellent range of discussions and presentations, and a good opportunity to network with some key industry figures.

Robert Hayes – Naval Architect, Frazer-Nash Consulting
Good mix of presenters and discussion.

Gary Ball – Director, Shipbuilders & Shiprepairers Association (SSA)
I attended the Next Generation Power event and found the content both interesting and stimulating. The methods presented are certainly the way forward and will without doubt come into force sooner than later. 

Alan Priddy – Global Powerboat Circumnavigation Record Team
Just a quick note of thanks for inviting us to present to your wide and influential audience from many sectors of the global marine industry‎. It is always pleasing when you know the audience is listening intently to what we were talking about and the level of questions indicated there was great interest in our emulsion fuel. Once again thanks and we look forward to the next one.

Jean-Baptise Souppezz – Lecturer, School of Maritime Science and Engineering, Southampton Solent University
Good flexible organisation. Wide scope of people and skills. Very good discussion sessions and plenty of networking time.

Simon Rogers – Director, Rogers Yacht Design
Thank you for a very interesting day - I certainly enjoyed the other speakers talks and look forward to hearing more about your future plans. The visit to the SMMI facility was of great interest.

Juli Hemming International Sales, ARADEX AG
A warm, welcoming event with high quality participants. The presentations were varied, representing all aspects of electric and hybrid marine. An excellent chance to get to know the UK situation. I will definitely attend again.

Giles Barkley Course Leader Yacht & Powercraft Design, Southampton Solent University 
The whole conference was interesting as it really awakened participants to the rules which will soon be enforced governing carbon emissions, hence the array of hybrid technology being developed to counter the rules. Very interestingly as the conference closed Wight Link (Isle of Wight ferry service) confirmed they are ordering a new HYBRID ferry – hence showing the reality of the technology. Keep up the good work.

Jóhann Sigurðsson Electrical Engineer R&D, Naust Marine (Iceland)
The whole conference was perfect for our 15 meter hybrid fishing boat project. We gathered lot of information  and contacts to help us move on. The conference was well organized, great location and the visit to the Southampton University was really interesting. Looking forward to more.

Peter Foot Consultant, Pallington Foot
An inspirational event, successfully  organised and well delivered in a venue appropriately close to the conference subject matter. Interestingly, the speakers went beyond the conference remit and presented their material in an informative way, taking account of issues currently impacting the industry. I sensed a degree of progress and enthusiasm in cleaning up our oceans.

Karen Morocutti – Owner, Sun Ra Solutions
It was great to be with a group sharing a general concern for the state of our waterways. The conference showed that making boats hybrid is cost effective for the pocket and the environment. It takes careful planning and foresight but the technology is here now and there is no excuse not to use it!

David Barrow – Director, Windship
Enjoyed the day.

Tony Birr – Director, Century Maritime
An excellent opportunity to broaden vision on what innovation is taking place both in the UK and around the world regarding marine power and efficiency. Also a great opportunity to develop business network. I look forward to the next conference / workshop.

Ariadna Pons Forn – Team Leader, Southampton Hydro Team
The event was really well organised. The welcome was fluent, cordial and friendly. I really appreciated the printed information given – list of companies and bios of presenters. The talks were varied, interesting and relevant. The delegates were open and friendly to talk with. The food was very good!

Engineer, DNV-GL
Great collection of people – real mariners, people passionate about the subject which clearly comes from John’s passion. Great content, glad to be a part of this and to do so going forward.