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The Hour Of Power - Innovative Hybrid Solution

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The Hour Of Power - Innovative and Viable Hybrid Concept

The Hour Of Power is an innovative and viable hybrid concept that aims to reduce fuel consumption and vessel emissions.

The Hour Of Power enables vessels to run in and out of port for an hour on electric with battery power - then carry out their open sea work on diesel power. The aim of this innovative hybrid solution is to enhance conventional power and propulsion systems.

The Hour Of Power focuses on viable hybrid solutions linked to vessel work cycles and engine duty cycles. Vessels can reduce emissions and improve fuel consumption whilst extending engine maintenance periods and engine life.

For commercial and professional organisations the concept of running vessels with zero emissions at up to 10 knots for one hour will shape decisions that lead to improvements of in-service systems and procurement of next generation vessels worldwide.

Ports and waterways with people living nearby are looking for simple solutions to reduce noise and improve human health. Tenders are coming out for hybrid vessels as port cities including London, Paris and Amsterdam look at rapidly reducing emissions.

Certain maritime sectors are potentially well suited to hybrid diesel - electric systems. These include passenger ferries, workboats, harbour tugs, pilot boats and wind farm service vessels. For military applications hybrid systems are relevant for patrol and autonomous vessels.

If you want to find out more, the NEXT GENERATION Marine Power & Propulsion Conference is being held at the Grand Harbour, Southampton UK on 18 and 19 April 2018. All sectors are invited to participate in this unique event.

Attendees include commercial, professional and military organisations, along with boat operators, boat builders, equipment manufacturers, naval architects, systems integrators and maritime legislators.

Supporters include British Marine, UK Maritime Pilots, YBDSA, SSA, University of Southampton, SMMI, Southampton Solent University.

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