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Tasmania High Speed Craft Workshop

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Tasmania High Speed Craft Workshop 2011 Organised by Marine & Safety Tasmania

In September 2011 Hobart was the venue for the High Speed Craft Workshop organised by Marine and Safety Tasmania. The event focused on how the high speed craft industry has developed in Tasmania, the effects of weather and coastal waves plus what happens to the human body during wave impacts.

Presenters & attendees included boat builders, marine operators, professional boat crews & vessel inspectors.

Peter Keyes of Marine and Safety Tasmania said, ‘The HSC workshop went extremely well and will be followed up in the new year with another in Queensland. All attendees took the content very seriously as can be judged by the follow up, major points being dividing the vessels into three categories’. The categories are:-

Category 1 – High speed jet boats capable of sudden stops turns etc operating in smooth waters and a sub category of the same vessels which operate offshore.

Category 2 – High speed vessels that engage in eco tour but use the speed to cover long distances with frequent stops for photos, sightseeing and the like.

Category 3 – Mainly ferry type operations primarily in smooth waters.

Recommendations from the High Speed Craft Workshop include iincreased training specifically related to the vessels that the operators will drive and the area of operation, this would include specific first aid training.

There will be increased focus on safety management systems plus increased focus on design and vessel fit-out, including seating, seat belts and related technical solutions.

Peter Keyes added, ‘it appears injuries in this industry are not just occurring in Tasmania, let alone Australia in general and New Zealand’.

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