NEXT GENERATION Systems Safety & Equipment Workshop

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NEXT GENERATION Systems Safety & Equipment Workshop is being held in Southampton, UK on 26 October 2017 as part of a 3 day programme of specialist events.

The opening session, presented by the RNLI Design and Engineering Team looks at 'Designing Redundancy into Vessels for Critical Tasks'.

Workshop organiser, John Haynes said, ‘Boat builders and specialist component manufacturers now recognise that they need to work together to develop next generation systems that fit the rapidly changing requirements of modern fleets. The unique knowledge gained from these workshop sessions will help to shape long term decisions that lead to improvements for in-service systems and procurement of next generation vessels.’

The unique and fast moving programme focuses on ‘Identifying and Avoiding Single Points of Failure at Sea.’ Improving situational awareness is an emerging theme for the sub IMO / sub 24 metre professional sector. Design led redundancy is essential for critical tasks including power, navigation and communications.

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Systems Safety & Equipment Workshop topics include:

Integrated Systems – Connectivity – Modular Approach
Situational Awareness – Navigation Systems – GPS – Radar
Communications Systems – Intercom – Noise Cancelling – Secure
Power – Propulsion – Drives – Controls – Ride Enhancement
Personal Protective Equipment – Drysuits – Helmets – Impact Pads
Man Overboard Prevention & Recovery – Lifejackets – Personal Locators
Safety Management – Fuel Systems – Fire Control – Pumps – Air Systems
Crew Systems Integration – Realistic & Relevant Simulation
Avoiding Human Error – Education – Training – New Maritime Skills

If you are interested in presenting:

Submit suggested Workshop Session Title, 250 word Summary and 150 word Bio to:
Workshop Lead - John Haynes john@shockmitigation.com

For further information contact:
Event Manager - Julie Arthur julie@shockmitigation.com



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