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New WBV Manager & WBV Crew Courses

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Whole Body Vibration Courses WBV Manager & WBV Crew

WBV MANAGER is a 1 day awareness course aimed at all managers, officers and supervisors of RIBs, High Speed Craft (HSC) and planing craft in the professional maritime sector.

WBV CREW is a 1 day course aimed at all coxswains and crew of RIBs, High Speed Craft (HSC) and planing craft in the professional maritime sector.

The Whole Body Vibration (WBV) awareness courses are run as interactive workshops with the core objective of understanding that WBV injury is a global issue affecting personnel in all maritime sectors using RIBs & HSC.

WBV CREW and WBV MANAGER courses also provide the background to the European EC Vibration Directive legislation, an understanding of WBV and the risks of repeated shock exposure. Courses introduce control measures and the requirements for compliance. 

Attendees will understand the effects of WBV for crew and passengers. Management and crew knowledge can improve employee engagement and shared responsibility for duty of care.

FRC International WBV Awareness Courses are relevant to all sectors affected by this major health and safety issue. This includes military, search & rescue, government agencies, local authorities, police, wind farm, oil & gas, thrill rides, charter, powerboat schools and all organisations operating  planing boats under 24 metre (80 feet).

Whole Boat Vibration on small craft is a global problem and the injury statistics are growing. Stopping fast craft operations is not a realistic option, but making them safer is essential. 

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