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Hydroptere v SailRocket - Going For Boatspeed

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Hydroptere Versus SailRocket - Speed Sailing History

When two vastly different technologies go head to head the result is usually progress.

SailRocket and Hydroptere went head to head and pushed through the 50 knot barrier. The 65 knot world record holder Paul Larsen describes the process as Wacky Races!!

Speed sailing utilises innovative design and new technologies to harness wind energy. Records that went from extreme boats to simple kite surfers are back with high tech.

SailRocket is designed for maximum speed in one direction on flat water. Lightweight, high tech and designed for one purpose - breaking short distance speed records.

Hydroptere rises above the sea state and can cross oceans. The foil design is scaleable and has many applications in the marine sctor - the potential is enormous.

This is relevant to all marine designers and fast boat builders worldwide...

See VIDEO SailRocket versus Hydroptere



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