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HiPer Craft 2012 Review & MACC 2013 Update

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ASNE Host HiPer Craft 2012 & Work On MACC 2013

HiPer Craft 2012, held on June 26th & 27th at the Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center in Norfolk Virginia, featured exhibits, in-water displays, vendor presentations, panel discussions and technical discussions.

Although MACC 2012 had to be cancelled there was still a high level of interest from end-user organisations and industry. In response to this the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) organized the High Performance Craft Expo, HiPer Craft 2012 with a focus on suppliers, operators, maintainers and equipment vendors in the high performance boat and combatant craft community. HiPer Craft 2012 attracted a total of 56 exhibitors and over 600 attendees.

One of ASNE's principal purposes is to provide forums for interaction and exchange of technical information about topics that are of interest to members of the naval and maritime community. ASNE sponsors a broad range of technical symposia, seminars and events each year to support various segments of the high performance boat and combatant craft community.

HiPer Craft 2012 had excellent support from PEO Ships, the US Coast Guard and from NSWC Carderock Combatant Craft Division. The technical program would not have been the success it was without their support. Dr. Julie Stark and Dr. Tim Coats from NSWC Carderock CCD put together strong government / industry panels that were very well received. Michael Tangora, USCG Deputy Assistant Commandant for Acquisition, gave a keynote address that summarised recent projects and gave pointers to industry regarding dealing with the Coast Guard.



HiPer Craft 2012 presentations included ABS: The Role of the Classification Society for High Performance Government Vessels. Defence R&D Canada: Testing and Evaluation of Shock Mitigation Seat Technologies. EngineTech: Small Business Innovation Research. FRC International: WBV and H-SURV – Whole Body Vibration Awareness Training and Health Surveillance. FRC International and VMT: Computer Based Training and Simulation to Support Crew Training. Hoffman: Lighting Solutions. LTC: Lightweight armor solutions for today’s Marine applications. MTU: A Case for Single Source Integration. NECC: Human Systems Integration for High Speed Watercraft Panel. Naval Design Partnership: Whole Body Vibration Mitigation - Challenges and Approaches in the NDP. NAVSEA: A new approach to High Performance Craft acquisition. NAVSEA: Characterizing Shock in Planing Craft Due to High-Speed Wave Impact. NSWC: Human Systems Integration Panel and High Speed Craft Measurement and Injury Assessment. PEO Ships: USN and FMS Boats - View From the Bridge. Rolls Royce: Sealion Waterjet Technology Demonstration. SKYDEX: Hydro Deck Technology for the Warfighter. Structural Composites: Advanced Combatant Craft for Increased Affordability. USCG: Human Systems Integration for High Speed Water Craft. US Department of Defence: Common Maritime Technology Working Group.

We asked ASNE, ‘what happened to MACC 2012?’ Jared Pierce, Communications Coordinator at ASNE replied, ‘ASNE was proud to partner with the NSWC Carderock Combatant Craft Division (CCD) in conducting MACC 2011, which featured more than 170 exhibit booths, static displays, in-water demonstrations and amphibious vehicle demonstrations. In addition there was a top-notch technical program with keynote speakers, panels and technical presentations. ASNE had aimed to make it even better in 2012. However, due to FY2012 budget constraints, and insufficient time to comply with November 2011 SECNAV Washington DC Interim Conference Approval Guidance, MACC 2012 had to be postponed. This delay will allow ASNE and CCD ample time to request and receive necessary conference approvals and gather required budget, cost-benefit analysis, and other information to comply with the SECNAV guidance.’

We asked ASNE, ‘what about MACC in the future?’ Jared Pierce of ASNE said, ‘the conference budget and partnership between ASNE as a Non-Federal Entity and CCD as a Navy activity necessitate justification and approvals at the Department of Navy level, a process that required more time than was available to comply and execute MACC at JEB Little Creek by Spring / Summer 2012. ASNE and CCD will work together towards gaining the necessary conference approvals with a goal of hosting MACC in the future.’ 

The RIB & High Speed Craft Directory is pleased to be a media partner and supporter of HiPer Craft 2012 and ASNE.


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