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DYNAV - Dynamic Navigation & WBV In Sweden

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FRC International is launching specialist DYNAV (DYnamic NAVigation) courses this October in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The introduction to DYNAV at Chalmers University of Technology, Maritime Department, includes a demonstration using the innovative high speed craft simulator.

Invitation to Military, SAR and all RIB & HSC Professionals

DYNAV MANAGER will be followed by the Whole Body Vibration (WBV) MANAGER course at the Swedish Sea Rescue Society headquarters in Gothenburg.

As part of improving seafarer safety these courses are open to all interested parties. This event will be a great opportunity for RIB & HSC professionals to get together.

The objective is to include all organisations operating RIBs and planing craft. Boat builders, equipment manufacturers and industry are also invited to attend.


DYNAV MANAGER course gives a concise background and understanding of the next generation resilient navigation methods to enhance performance and reduce risk for fast response craft undertaking dynamic, high-speed marine operations.

WBV MANAGER - Wednesday 30 October

WBV MANAGER course brings together international best practice and industry standards. Over 500 personnel from 75 organisations have attended in Europe, Canada and the US. Attendees receive The Nautical Institute WBV MANAGER certificate.

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Sessions include: Introduction to DYNAV / Understanding the risks of high speed boat operations / DYNAV methodology and training / Fleet implementation.

Who should attend? DYNAV MANAGER has been developed for decision makers, officers, navigators, senior coxswain, operations managers, training managers, designers, boat builders and navigation equipment manufacturers.


Sessions include: Understanding EU legislation / Risk of injury from effects of WBV & RS (Repetitive Shock) / Operational & technical solutions / Educating boat crews.

Who should attend? WBV MANAGER has been developed for decision makers, officers, senior coxswain, operations, training, health & safety, occupational health professionals, boat builders, equipment manufacturers, all managers involved with RIBs & high speed craft.

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Whole Body Vibration on RIBs and planing craft is a global problem that affects crews and passengers. FRC WBV Awareness Courses are relevant to all sectors affected by this major health and safety issue. Including military, search & rescue, government agencies, local authorities, police, wind farm, oil & gas, thrill rides, charter, powerboat schools and all professional organisations operating planing craft.

DYNAV & WBV Courses Launch in Gothenburg Sweden - 29 & 30 October 2013


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