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ASNE Launch & Recovery Event - L&R 2012

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ASNE Launch & Recovery Event 14th & 15th November 2012

The American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) presented Launch & Recovery 2012 on 14th & 15th November 2012.

The Launch & Recovery of Manned and Unmanned Vehicles from Surface Platforms symposium was held at the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS) in Linthicum, MD.

The event offered a global perspective on technology, operations and programs. The L&R 2012 symposium addressed launch and recovery plus operations of manned and unmanned vehicles from marine platforms. Manned and unmanned vehicles include helicopters, rotorcraft, fixed-wing aircraft, RHIBs, high-speed craft, tenders, UAV, USV and UUV. Marine platforms include naval, coast guard, passenger and commercial ships, as well as offshore platforms and other types of vessels.

The scope of L&R 2012 included the launch and recovery systems, the host marine platforms and the vehicles themselves which are evolving at a rapid pace. This is an area of intense research and development in national and international naval, commercial and academic sectors.

The Launch & Recovery 2012 agenda featured keynotes, panels, and more than 25 technical papers. The technical paper tracks covered both manned and unmanned launch and recovery topics including their surface, subsurface and air applications. Presenters included RDML Bruce Baffer (USCG, PEO and Director of Acquisition Programs), Mr Jaap Gelling (Damen Shipyards), Mr Andy Summers (Ship Design Manger for Technology Development, DDG 1000) and Mr Joe Depietro (Technical Director, LCS).

ASNE also offered two classes with the opportunity to obtain up to six professional development hours. The courses, ‘Ship Seakeeping and Small Boat Dynamics During Launch and Recovery’ and ‘Human Factors Considerations for Launch and Recovery’, hosted by Dr Trevor Dobbins of STR & FRC International, and Chris Parker of Atkins, took place at the Conference Center at the Maritime Institute.



With budgets tightening and new conference restrictions being added, ASNE recognises that it is becoming increasingly difficult for government and industry employees to attend events, even when they are intrinsically beneficial for both individuals and their employers. Technical symposia offer participants an opportunity to grow personal knowledge, interact with old and new collaborators, plus share ideas and innovations with industry, academia and government representatives.

The RIB & High Speed Craft Directory is pleased to be a media partner and supporter of Launch & Recovery 2012 and ASNE.

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