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1st Responder Communication Interoperability

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First Responders Communication Interoperability - Washington DC

First Responders Communication Interoperability event, 14 to 16 June in Washington DC, examines communication plus preparedness and digital options for the first responder sector.

First responders need quick, reliable and accurate information to decide the best course of action during an incident. In the age of smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices data can literally be at their fingertips.

First Responders Communication Interoperability will take an in depth look at the current and upcoming advances in technology, training, and strategy for all agencies, both civil and military, involved in disaster and emergency response.

The event inclues hands on training workshops as well as solution oriented discussion on the current national and state level preparedness measures, their current capability gaps, and the necessary procurements for its future success.

The First Responders Communication Interoperability event brings together high profile speakers from FEMA, NTIA, NCTC, JTTF, DHS, DOJ. Attendees will learn the role that communication plays, not just at the technological level but at the human level, by exploring the cooperative measures taken between agencies and groups in emergency management.

The RIB & HSC Directory is pleased to be a media partner and supporter of: First Responders Communication Interoperability 2014



Training on the workshop focus day includes:-

  • Training sessions to expand attendees First Responder knowledge and expertise.
  • National Communication Technology Outlook  - in depth discussion on First Responder Communications between agencies.
  • Case-studies on working and proven strategies from NORTHCOM, JFHQs-NCR.
  • Exploring the current and future training exercise assets and equipment requirements for First Responders National Capabilities.
  • Interacting and problem solving with first responder colleagues, US Government, military leaders, state and federal departments.


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